Draft Smack: Ravens vs Steelers

The NFL is all about rivalries so let's have at it.  NFL RUSH is going to run through the great NFL rivalries to see who had the better draft.


Which team can talk smack and which one is just whack? You tell us!


Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers


As you’d expect with these two AFC North rivals, these two teams plain don’t like each other. Both went into the draft looking to infuse more youth into their aging rosters. Who did better?


Baltimore Ravens Draft Highlights:

The Ravens spent their first pick on a middle linebacker from Alabama, now why does that sound familiar? From a pure talent point of view, LB C.J. Mosley might just be the best player taken in the first round; DT Timmy Jernigan is big and mean; and S Terrence Brooks may be an instant starter.


The only knock on the Ravens draft was their failure to address their offensive line need until the 5th round.


Pittsburgh Steelers Draft Highlights:

The Steelers also focused right away on getting tougher up the middle.  Their first two picks were the uber-athletic LB Ryan Shazier and the versatile DL Stephon Tuitt. After securing the defense, the Steelers added two play-making WRs in speedy Dri Archer and the 6-4 Martavis Bryant.


The Steelers also chose to ignore their needs in the offensive line until the 5th round.



Draft smack: which rival had the better draft?

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