Did He Stay or Did He Go?

A lot of news has been swirling around players changing teams - but not everyone is finding a new place to play. Which players stayed with their teams and which found new homes?

- RB DeAngelo Williams: Staying in a Panthers uniform.
- WR Vincent Jackson: Ready to go with the Chargers.
- WR Santonio Holmes: Signed back with the Jets.
- WR Santana Moss: Back for the Redskins.
- QB Alex Smith: Remains under center for the 49ers.

- DT Albert Haynesworth: Traded to the Patriots from the Redskins.
- TE Greg Olsen: Traded to the Panthers from the Bears.
- RB Reggie Bush: Traded to the Dolphins from the Saints.
- QB Kevin Kolb: Traded to the Cardinals from the Eagles.
- QB Tarvaris Jackson: signed with the Seahawks leaving the Vikings behind.

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