DeSean Jackson Signs with...

Pro Bowl WR DeSean Jackson is now a Washington Redskin! 


This move must make QB Robert Griffin III smile. The Redskins offensive is now super-charged with the addition of the speedy Jackson to go along with WRs Pierre Garconand Andre Roberts, and burgeoning star TE Jordan Reed


Good luck stopping those guys, NFL defenses. Oh and if you do, you'll be rewarded with a heaping serving of power RB Alfred Morris.  The Redskins are stacked!


And it gets even juicier. By staying in the NFC East, Jackson will face the Philadelphia Eagles, the team that cut him, twice a year. Payback, anyone? You will not want to miss those Redskin - Eagles games this year!




What impact will the DeSean Jackson signing have on the Redskins?

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