Cole Says Vikings vs. Colts in Super Bowl XLIV For Sure!!


I can't wait for the AFC and NFC Championship games this weekend! It will determine who is going to Super Bowl XLIV. I want to see the Indianapolis Colts and the Minnesota Vikings go to the Super Bowl XLIV because that was my prediction in my article "The Lions Can Only Get Better!" at the beginning of the season. If (or when) that happens, I predict that the Colts will win that Super Bowl matchup 35-33.

This weekend, I believe the Colts will beat the New York Jets 36-20 because of the way Peyton Manning can throw away from defenders where they are unable to intercept or tip the ball. Dallas Clark will be huge for the Colts over the middle, making crucial first downs, and Reggie Wayne will score at least two touch downs.

I also think the Vikings will beat the New Orleans Saints with a score of 47-46. The way the Vikings can win is if Adrian Peterson can hold onto the ball, gets some nice blocks, and run for at least 85 yards.

They also need to get Percy Harvin the ball, especially in the end zone. Some ways the Vikings can get him the ball is through reverses, wide-receiver screens, and the wild cat formation. Finally, Brett Favre needs time to be able to throw the ball down field to Sidney Rice for a score or two as well. Saints fans, I love Drew Brees and Jeremey Shockey but I think the Vikings will dominate.

I'm ready for some football!!!

Cole Kid Reporter

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