Cincinnati Bengals Draft - Grade It

Snagging DB Darqueeze Dennard was great...he’s got mad cover skills. And bruising RB Jeremy Hill should team with last year’s second round pick Gio Bernard to form the Bengals backfield for years to come.  Was there a bigger need at QB, or were the Bengals shrewd to wait and get A.J. McCarron and his champions pedigree in the 5th round?


Grade the Bengals draft below and then give us your comments. 


1. Darqueeze Dennard (CB, Michigan State)

2. Jeremy Hill (RB, LSU, 2nd Round)

3. Will Clarke (DE, West Virginia)

4. Russell Bodine (C, North Carolina)

5. AJ McCarron (QB, Alabama, 5th Round)

6. Marquis Flowers (LB, Arizona)

7. James Wright (WR, LSU, 7th Round)

8. Lavelle Westbrooks (CB, Georgia Southern)


What grade do you give the Cincinnati Bengals draft?

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