Chargers Continue To Roll into the New Year!


The Chargers are playing the Washington Redskins this weekend. This game means almost nothing for the Chargers, but it would be nice for them to win. The Chargers have clinched a first round bye with a 12-3 record. This week, you could say the Chargers game is just for fun!

Of course, I think that the Chargers will win against the Redskins. My prediction of the score will be 34-17, Chargers. As long as the Chargers keep winning, they will keep a good reputation in the NFL, and have a chance at a Super Bowl game. If the Chargers keep winning, they could get in the Hall of Fame for the most consecutive wins, right next to the Patriots!

My plans for New Year's Eve are to eat pork and sauerkraut and drink root beer floats. We can stay up to watch the ball drop in NYC, and if we do, we get a dollar that Mom puts on top of the TV. That is one of her traditions. A new tradition that we have started is making a time capsule on New Year's Day. We will open last year's time capsule (just a shoe box stuffed with memories) before we make our 2009 time capsule. Happy New Year!

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