Chargers = AFC Champs!

Don’t look now, but after easily defeating the Ravens this week, the San Diego Chargers are making a late season push towards the playoffs. And guess what? We think they are going to be the AFC representatives at this year’s Super Bowl in Indianapolis. Don’t believe us? Check out these facts.

1. Since their 6-game tailspin the Chargers have won 3 in a row. If they win out they will head into the playoffs with a 5-game winning streak. Can you say, “peaking at the right time?”

2. Philip Rivers is on fire! In his past 4 games he’s throw 8 TDs and ZERO interceptions. He’s now passed 4,000 yards for the 4th season in row.

3. Speaking of the Charger’s Offensive did you know both RB Ryan Matthews and WR Vincent Jackson have already gone over the 1,000 yard marks for rushing and receiving, respectively.

4. Their Defense is coming on strong as DL Antwan Barnes had 4 sacks against the Ravens, giving him 11 for the year, while S Eric Weddle has a remarkable 7 interceptions this year.

5. Two losses by the Broncos combined by two wins for the Chargers would be enough to put them into the playoffs. Once they make it, look out - they are capable of beating any team in the league.

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