Champions Through the Storm: Point Pleasant Golden Elks

Kyler is an NFLRUSH Kid Reporter and an avid Giants fan living in New Jersey. His Pop Warner team, the Point Pleasant Golden Elks, won their conference championship game on Sunday, October 28, the day before Hurricane Sandy hit. This was a huge accomplishment for the team. In all the years the team has been together, they have never come close to being in the playoffs. Unfortunately, the Golden Elks had to withdraw from the playoff bracket -- they were two games away from heading to Disney. The next round of the playoffs would have been against a team they had beaten twice already. 


A request was made that the Pop Warner Golden Elks Unlimited Midget team be granted a withdrawal from the playoff bracket, due to the hardships that the communities were dealing with. This would not be considered a forfeit. Therefore, the team ended its season and will remain forever in the record books as the 2012 NJSPWC Unlimited Midget Conference Champions.


Many kids on the team lost their homes, and it was to hard to think about football with everything crumbling around them. It was a complete blow to the boys, but after much thought, the team came up with a great way to get over their huge disappointment. The team, in lieu of playing in their playoff season game, volunteered to sort donations at St. Peter's Church Elementary School.


We are so proud of the team’s demonstration of kindness and humanity to those in their immediate and surrounding communities in these difficult times. They are a fine group of young men and their families are very proud of them!


This Sunday would have been their final game. They will be attending the game they should be playing in, and instead of playing they will be collecting supplies to bring home to their community. It will be another difficult day, but rewarding in the same.

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