Can The Saints Pull Off Another Win?

The game that I am most looking forward to this weekend is the Saints, Giants game. Both teams have undefeated records and after this week one team will no longer.

The Saints had a bye last week so they are technically one game behind the Giants but I would say the Saints are doing better. Drew Brees has had outstanding season with over 1000 passing yards and 9 touchdowns, 3 of them to Marques Colston.

The Giants and Saints are both very close in rushing yards, passing yards, and overall yards so it should be a very close game also. Last week the Giants crushed the Raiders 44-7 but then again they were playing the Raiders.

I think that the Giants will fall with their first loss on Sunday to the Saints. This game will be a very close game that could possibly end in a late fourth quarter field goal or overtime field goal which would have a final score of 31-28.


Last weekend Peyton Manning threw for over 300 yards and 3 touchdowns in the Colts win against the Titans. Peyton has been having a great season so far and will probably do the same throughout the season but the Colts have a bye this weekend so he won't be playing.

Michael Turner also had a great game with only 97 yards rushed but 3 touchdowns and led the Falcons to a 45-10 win over the 49ers. The Falcons are playing the Bears next week so there defense should shut down Turner and he won't have another good game.

Jeremy Maclin also had a good game with 6 catches for 2 touchdowns which helped the Eagles to their fourth win and they will most likely get their fifth win next week against the Raiders.

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