Broncos vs Chargers

This week the 13-3 Broncos take on the 10-7 Chargers. Despite, the difference in stats and all the talk going on around the league I believe that the San Diego Chargers will win this game. This is simply because the Chargers have the momentum and fans (the city is going crazy) to win the game. Another one of the advantages that the Chargers have is that the Chargers head coach used to be the Broncos offensive coordinator. Even though this game will be played at Mile High, I predict that there will be more Chargers jerseys than expected.


Since, the Broncos recently just had a bye week, they may be a little sleepy and get a huge wake-up call from San Diego. As most of us know an offensive coordinator cannot change a whole lot in one or two years, because of this the Chargers know some of the Denver Broncos secrets. Even though, all the talk is against what I am saying. Go Chargers!




Who do you think will win the Broncos vs. Chargers game?

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