Brian Cushing's Great Pop

Frank Cushing raised one heck of a son in young Brian, star LB for the Houston Texans. How did he do it? Frank Cushing knows all (about Brian) and tells all (well, he tells a lot).


Thank you, Frank Cushing, and have a wonderful Father’s Day!


NFL RUSH: What is your favorite Father's Day memory you have of your son?

Frank Cushing: I can't recall exactly how old he was, but it was when I took him to a Yankees game one year. It was just good ole' 'father and son bonding', and it gave us a great opportunity to get to know each other better, while talking about his future goals in sports.


  • NFL RUSH: What is one football memory you have of your son, either from youth football or the NFL?


Frank Cushing: There are a lot, but one that really stands out because of what an unbelievable play it was (and how much it surprised everybody but him and I) was when he was playing against Notre Dame at the Coliseum his Junior Year at USC, and ND was attempting an onside kick. Brian, a true all-around athlete, was on the hands team, and on the ball's second bounce, Brian picked it up and ran it down the sidelines for a game-clinching touchdown. He was untouched until about the 5 yard line, when a ND player jumped on his back to try to tackle him, while Brian proceeded to carry him (into the endzone) for those 5 yards.


  • NFL RUSH: What is the nicest thing your son ever did for you?


Frank Cushing: I can't just say one thing specifically, but just in general he's made us (my wife, Antoinette, and I) very proud of him. I mean, just watching him go through the process of sitting back and watching him work so hard to accomplish what he always said he was going to do ever since he was a little kid; more or less. When he was in 2nd grade he told his teacher that he was going to attend Bergan Catholic HS (he did), Notre Dame (he was offered), and the Dallas Cowboys. One of my favorite stories that really exemplifies Brian's mentality from a young age, was when he was in about 7th grade, I sat him down and explained to him that it was imperative to get a college scholarship, to which he responded by saying, "Oh, I 100% will, you don't have to worry about that. Just one question though, what does 'imperative' mean?"


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