Brees Poised to be MVP

We asked you last week "why aren't you paying attention to Drew Bress?" In case you missed it, he had a stellar weekend and was the NFLRUSH Fantasy QB. Now that you're paying attention, we think he could even be this year's MVP and here's why:

1. As the games become more and more critical down the stretch Drew has upped his game. Over the past 8 weeks Drew has thrown 24 TDs and only 3 INTs. Twice over that period he’s had 5 TD games!

2. Drew stands poised to break Dan Marino’s season passing yard record, which has stood since1984! We’re talking a 27-year-old record of a hall of famer!

3. He’s completed a remarkable 70% of his passes this season. Which is even more amazing considering he’s attempted 583 passes. The most attempts by any QB in the NFL.

4. He’s thrown for 37 TD‘s so far and is on pace to have 42 for the year. That’s about 2 ½ per game!

5. Brees has lead the Saints to a 5-game winning streak and, with the Packer’s recent tumble; they look to be the hottest team in the NFL.

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