Breaking Down the Mess We Call the NFC East

Right now the worst division in all of football is the NFC East. There really isn't a great team. Right now the Cowboys are decent sitting at 3-3, the Eagles tied with them at 3-3 as well. The Redskins have not been very good this year, but if they clean up the special teams mistakes, that becomes a game. They have already been on their bye week and are 1-4. The lowly Giants are 0-6 and just plummeting. They are coming off a loss to the
Bears, with Eli Manning throwing 3 picks, playing sloppy football. I think that this team is dysfunctional right now. I don't know why Pick Em' players continue to pick the Giants considering they are heading for a top three draft pick.

The other bad team in this division is the Redskins. They have not played a complete game this year. Some games they play good offense, but not good defense. Some games they play good defense, but not good offense. This past game against the Cowboys, it was the special teams that killed them. I think that a bright spot for the Redskins is the mobility of RGIII. He looked like he was in pre-torn ACL form, and is finally starting to look comfortable. An interesting thing that I noticed is that he sat out the preseason as a precaution. He missed four preseason games, the amount of games it has taken him to get back to his good form. I think if he doesn't miss preseason, he does ok by week one. The defense is still and issue and the Redskins are a mediocre team right now.

I think the Eagles are on the outside looking in right now. I think that Chip Kelly would be making a huge coaching mistake if he didn't keep Nick Foles in. I think that he is the long term solution for the Eagles and they need to realize that. I also think he might give them the best chance to win now. However, if they keep Vick in, they might not do as well. They are coming off a good win against the Buccaneer, and a good win to get their confidence up. They are taking on the Cowboys for first place in a pivotal game in the divisional race.

The Cowboys are who I expect to win the NFC East. I think that Tony Romo is finally starting to play winning football. He is not turning over the ball, even though he is taking slack for his pick against the Broncos. Besides that, over the last two games Tony Romo has played exceptional football. I think the thing that could kill the Cowboys are injuries. They have had major problems staying healthy in the past, and it is creeping up on them this year. Demarco Murray is sidelined with a sprained MCL, and will be out a couple of weeks. Demarcus Ware is out with a quadriceps injury, but could be back in a few weeks. I think that if they can avoid any further major injuries, they can win this division.

The NFC East is a mess, but I expect the Cowboys to be the victors. Their special teams has been an x-factor, and look for it to carry them to the playoffs. Tell me in the comments who you think is going to win the NFC East.


Matthew H



Which team do you think will win the NFC East?

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