Brady Shines Again

Hi NFL Rushers, how have your fantasy picks been doing? My best fantasy player has been Tom Brady. In week one, he had 517 yards and four touchdowns against Miami. He had one of the best touchdown passes I've seen. The Patriots were trapped on their own one yard line and had 99 yards left to get a score. Brady went in a shotgun formation, so he was about 3 to 4 yards deep in his own end zone. It was in the fourth quarter with 5:57 to go. Brady passed to Wes Welker who had only one guy covering him. After the throw, another defensive player tried to intercept the ball and ran right in front of Welker, but missed the ball. Welker caught the ball in stride, stiff armed the man who was covering him, and ran it all the way for a touchdown.


This past week, Brady had another great week. He threw for 423 yards and three touchdowns. If he would have thrown for five more yards, he would have had the most yards for two consecutive games. The question now is, can he do it again next week against the Bills?


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NFLRUSH Kid Reporter,

Johnny S

Who was the best quarterback for week one and two?

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