The rookie that impressed me the most so far this season is Cam Newton. Cam Newton has been doing well with the Panthers and he is leading them to victories. Cam Newton has already broken records for a rookie. He had 432 passing yards in a game against the Packers, setting the record for the most passing yards in a game by a rookie. Newton has been completing a lot of passes to his receivers and they have been getting yards after the catch on many of these completions.


Throughout the season, Cam has 854 total yards and three touchdowns. As the season continues Newton will continue to develop and make good progress and possibly lead the Panthers to the Playoffs. I feel that in the next four years, he is going to do well and set another record for the most passing yards in a season.


Cam Newton came into the NFL with very high expectations. So far, he has shown great character out on the field. Even if his team is down by a lot of points, Newton still lifts his team up and encourages them to play better. I think Cam Newton has had the best rookie performance I’ve seen this season by far.


NFL Rush Kids Reporter


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Do you think Cam Newton will win the Offensive Rookie of the Year award this season?