Best Fans in the NFL?

When it comes to choosing the best fans in the NFL, you have to decide what are the qualities that make a good fan.


Is it sheer volume of their cheering? It’s widely regarded that the Chiefs and the Seahawks have the loudest stadiums.  


Perhaps it’s the perseverance of overcoming awful weather to support their team? There’s a reason why they call Lambeau Field the "Frozen Tundra."


How do you not reward fans that show up week after week, year after year, regardless of their team’s won/loss record? Here's to you, Dawg Pound.


And don’t even get us started on Oakland Raider fans. We’re not sure what category to put them in, but we know they bring a unique form of… passion?


Let us know what you think. Vote in the poll below and make sure to leave a comment telling us why you think a certain team’s fans deserve to be called the best.



Which team has the best fans in the league?

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