Best Divisional Playoffs EVER!

Most of the Divisional Playoffs were really exciting. The least exciting game was the blowout the New England Patriots handed to the Houston Texans. The Patriots ended up on top, beating the Texans 41-28.


The most surprising game was the 49ers over the Packers. Colin Kaepernick set rushing records for a quarterback which the Packers had no answer for. The 49ers beat the Green Bay Packers at Candlestick Park 45-31.


The Denver Broncos ended up losing to the Baltimore Ravens in double overtime. Peyton Manning threw an interception which cost them the game. The Ravens kicked a field goal in double overtime and won the game.


The most exciting game of the divisional playoffs had to be the Seatle Seahawks and Atlanta Falcons game. The Falcons were winning 20 to nothing in the first half. But in the second half the Seahawks came all the way back and took the lead with 30 seconds to go. Thirty seconds was all the time Matt Ryan needed to lead his team to a winning field goal at the end of the game. The final score was 30-28.


This was my favorite set of Divisional Playoff games ever!


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