Best Division In Football

Every year, there is a debate about which division is the best in football. I feel like the NFC North is hands down the best division. Here are some reasons I believe this:


  1. 1. It is always difficult to play at Lambeau Field, and with Rodgers, Jones, and Finley, the Packers are a tough team to beat.
  2. 2. The Vikings, with Adrian Peterson, should be a tough team to compete with.
  3. 3. The Bears have a great defense, Jay Cutler, and Matt Forte.
    1. 4. The Lions have Calvin Johnson, Matthew Stafford, and they added Reggie Bush, giving them a solid run game and 3rd down threat. 


With the division race always close (sometimes decided in the last week of the season), multiple teams from the NFC North usually make it to the Playoffs. This year it could be the Packers and maybe even the Lions.

Many of the great players in the NFC North are young, so it will be a dominant division for years to come. Each team has solid coaching staffs, who make smart personnel decisions both in Free Agency, and throughout the season. While people are unsure of Christian Ponder, the other teams in the division have a solid QB, which is crucial to your success. Also, their defenses are stacked with very good players.

Teams that have a bad year in the NFC North usually bounce back the following year with a good record. For example, the Lions went 6-10 in 2010, and then went 10-6 in 2011 and made the playoffs. If I was in the NFL, I would love to play in the NFC North. 


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