Ben Tate's Dad Is Cool!

Father’s Day is Sunday! Ask him to throw the football with you, or go for a bike ride. Clean up your room or go get the newspaper without being asked. Your dad may be tough, but it’s because he loves you, and Sunday’s your day to say thank you.


Speaking of great dads, we got the chance to speak with Cleveland Browns star RB Ben Tate’s dad Ben (Ben Tate II) about what it was like raising a future NFL star.


Thank you, Ben Tate II, and have a terrific Father’s Day!


NFL RUSH: What is your favorite Father's Day memory you have of your son?


Ben Tate II: I would have to say it was my first one. I just remember how great it felt to look at him (he was about 10 months old) and see how much he had grown since being born. You know, just to look at him and understand that this is 50% of you is a pretty unbelievable feeling.


NFL RUSH: What is one football memory you have of your son, either from youth football or the NFL?


Ben Tate II: I wish I could remember which game it was and who the player was, but I just recall being at a game his freshman year and having people come up to me after the game telling me that he was the "back of the future at Running Back U" (Auburn), in part because he had one run where he made a great move on the other team's star senior player. I expected him to have success after watching him work so hard growing up and having the success that he did, but having played RB in college myself (North Carolina Central), I knew that nothing was guaranteed, and that SEC football was a different beast. I was actually drafted (to the Lions) in the 11th round (#287 overall) of the 1983 draft, but I got hurt during the preseason and never made it, so watching Ben make it has truly been rewarding.


NFL RUSH: What is the nicest thing your son ever did for you?


Ben Tate II: It was pretty simple, but it was when he was giving his acceptance speech for The Watkins Award (for athletics/academic excellence) in High School. He talked about how he used to think I was too hard on him, but how he was beginning to realize that I was that way for a reason, and that has had a lot to do with his success.



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