Ish is giving away ONE MILLION CREDITZ to a random NFLRZ player who has racked up 50 game-plays in January. Did you hear that? ONE MILLION CREDITZ and all you have to do is play games!


In fact, for every 50 game-plays, you get additional chances to win.  So if you  have 100 game-plays in January, you get two chances to win.  500 games? 10 chances!  More game-plays than that?  You do the math!


In addition to this insane ONE MILLION CREDITZ give away,  we�re giving away 4 weekly prizes of 100,000 Creditz!  For every 50 game-plays in a single week,  you qualify for a chance to win.    So if you�re racking up game-plays you�re increasing your chances to rack up some huge Creditz!


The end of the month is where it gets REALLY interesting. The fourth week ends January 28. So on January 29, 30 and 31 we�ll be giving away 100,000 Creditz EACH DAY.  If you can play 50 games in one day, you qualify.   Cool right?  I�m going for 50 game-plays in each of those days! 


You can play the same game 50 times or 50 different games, it really doesn�t matter, it�s all about game-plays.  So go for it!  Because you can become the latest NFLRZ Millionaire! 


Hows that for a Happy New Year!

You can do it!