Atlanta Falcons Draft - Grade It!

ALWAYS grab a great offensive linemen when you can, and that's what the Falcons did by selecting OT Jake Matthews. Matthews is not only a big, strong, and talented blocker but he's also the son of NFL Hall of Famer Bruce Matthews.

After Matthews, the Falcons drafted possibly the most uniquely named draft class in NFL history:

Ra’Shede, Dezmen, Devonta, Prince, Ricardo, Prince, Marquis, Yawin… SWEET!


Grade the Falcons draft below and then give us your comments.


1. Jake Matthews - (OT, Texas A&M)

2. Ra'shede Hageman - (DT, Minnesota)

3. Dezmen Southward - (S, Wisconsin)

4. Devonta Freeman - (RB, Florida State)

5. Prince Shembo - (LB, Notre Dame)

6. Ricardo Allen - (CB, Purdue)

7. Marquis Spruill - (LB, Syracuse)

8. Yawin Smallwood - (LB, UConn)

9. Tyler Starr - (LB, South Dakota)


What grade do you give the Atlanta Falcons Draft?

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