Ok, ok..."on fire" could mean that I did really well, or "on fire" could mean that I crashed and burned. Unfortunately for me, it means I crashed and burned.


Fortunately for many of you, I scored a whopping 34 points last week. Ouch! Double Blitz Bot ouch!


354 people in my playoff league beat me! At 10,000 Creditz each, that's a whopping 3,540,000 Creditz I have to give away. Yowza!


Since it would take me forever to give away all those Creditz, just use this code in the RUSH ZONE: wildcard14

If you have not joined my playoff league yet, what are you waiting for? Each week, everyone who beats me gets 10,000 Creditz! Click here to play now.


But beware … I am coming back TOUGH this week. Here's my team … can you beat it???



My Team