Now that’s more like it.  I had a pretty decent score this week (82).   It looks like there were “only” 32 of you who beat that score.  That’s a lot more than I’m hoping for next week, but after the first week I’m just glad to know I’m not lame.  Okay, not totally lame, anyways.

If you're one of the super-lucky 32 who beat me, your 10,000 CREDITZ will be deposited in your account by Wednesday.

If you have not joined my playoff league yet, what’s wrong with you?  It’s fun and super easy!   All you need to do is join my league and pick a line up.  Each week, everyone who beats me gets 10,000 RZ Creditz!  Click here to play now.


This is a TOUGH week for me because, as some of you know, the New England Patriots are my favorite team and I really, really, really want them to win the game.  I was considering starting ALL Patriots but then I’d be such a nervous wreck I wouldn’t be able to watch the game!


Okay, here's my lineup … can you beat it???


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