Ash's Fantasy Football Challenge!

Okay, since this is the last game of the year, I thought we should play for more than a measly 10,000 RZ creditz.  Which is why we are going to raise it to 48,000! (Get it?  Super Bowl XLVIII = 48). 


That’s right, for all of you in my league that get a better score than I do, you will win 48,000 RUSH ZONE CREDITZ!


Do I have your attention now? Lol.


I have to warn you that it’s not going to be easy. I spent a lot of time deciding on each player I added to my starting line-up and I really think I’ve got the best combination possible.  Of course, I have thought that before. ;)  We’ll just have to see what happens!


Below is my Super Bowl line up, so good luck to you all.


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