Ash's Fantasy Football Challenge - Finale

The Seattle Seahwaks big win in Super Bowl XLVIII brings my playoff fantasy challenge to an end for this season.   I hope you had as much fun as I did!  I’m pretty proud of myself for ending with such a scoring furry!  82 points is like one of my best weeks ever!  I told you that I was not going to lose, haha… wait, what’s this? 


Apparently, someone did beat my score this week!?


Who the heck is BDT29 and how in the world did he score 83 points?  (checks BDT29’s lineup)  Wow!   Instead of starting Peyton Manning and getting 11 points he started Seahawks WR Doug Baldwin as his wildcard and scored 12!  You gotta admire the courage to pull off such a bold move!


Well then, as I say goodbye to all of you, until next season, I want to congratulate BDT29 the winner of 48,000 RZ Credits!

Next year...I will show no mercy! 

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