Are You Surprised?

Hey NFL rushers! I hope you had a great week of football. I'm sure you are surprised by a lot of teams this year. I am going to tell you who I think are the biggest surprises.

1. Kansas City Chiefs. Here we have a team that was very pathetic last season and thanks to some offseason acquisitions they have a feared run game and a good record. This team is young and talented. I think they will make the playoffs and I will be cheering for them all season long.

2. Dallas Cowboys. This team was favored by lots of people to win the super bowl but right now it looks like they might not even make the playoffs. I am very disappointed with them. They need to get a run game going and give the ball to their running backs like Marion the Barbarian (my favorite player) and Felix Jones.

3. Minnesota Vikings. This team was another solid pick to win the super bowl but they have all but lost their chance at it and will most likely lose their QB this year. Brett Favre just hasn't been what the Vikings needed from him. They were already hurting because of the loss of Sidney Rice. I don’t think this team is going to do much for the rest of the season.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This team has struggled for the last several seasons but is finally getting it together. They drafted a good QB last year in Josh Freeman and it looks like it's paying off. The Bucs are looking good and are one of the few teams in the NFC who are. I think they have a chance to make the playoffs if they keep it up.

5. New Orleans Saints. It looks like the "Madden curse" has struck again. Drew Brees has been making mistakes and his team is paying for it. The Saints were coming into this year as the best team in the NFL and started out like they still were. Lately, they have been losing to small teams and making key mistakes.

I hope you enjoyed my article and I hope you have a great week of football. Go Cowboys!!

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