AFC Teams Holiday Wish List

During this holiday season we wondered what the teams in the AFC might add to their wish list.  


Take a look at the list below and use the comments to add you own.


Baltimore Ravens: What do you get the Super Bowl champ who has everything?


Buffalo Bills:  A team vacation, somewhere warm.


Cincinnati Bengals:  A Super Bowl win to make everyone else AJ Green with envy.


Cleveland Browns: Peppermint-flavored dog biscuits.


Denver Broncos: A fountain of youth to keep Peyton Manning on the team for another 18 years.


Houston Texans:  A time machine to the 2014 season.


Indianapolis Colts:  What do you get a team that has all the Luck they need?


Jacksonville Jaguars:  A season that starts at Week 10.


Kansas City Chiefs:  One more shot at the Broncos.


Miami Dolphins:  Sunglasses, sunscreen, and a can of sardines.


New England Patriots:  A Super Bowl game against anyone but the Giants.


New York Jets:  Like a good airline, more touchdowns and happier landings in 2014


Pittsburgh Steelers:  A new Steel Curtain for the living room.


Oakland Raiders: Rainbows, fluffy kittens and pink heart socks.


San Diego Chargers:  A power surge to get them into the playoffs.


Tennessee Titans:  Another Music City Miracle.



Click here for the NFC list.

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