A Special Day for a Special Player

One of my favorite players ever is Donald Driver.  He officially retired Wednesday with a few of his teammates and coaches recognizing him for what he did in his career.  Not only was he a great player on the field, but he was an amazing person off the field.  Being on and winning Dancing with the Stars was an opportunity for the rest of the county to see the role model we knew we had for many years.


Many people have stories of how Donald touched their lives.  I have one myself.  The first time I met him I was too young to remember. But the second time I met him happened two years ago.  He was at a local grocery store signing one of his books.  We had church that night and we were running late.  One of my friends just made it in time and they were the last ones in line.  When they got up, they asked him if he could wait for me.  I still can’t believe it, but he actually waited just for me.  When I got there, he said “Are you the kid I’m waiting for?”  I got his book, his autograph, and got some pictures with him.  How cool is that?


Thank you Donald for the memories.  You are a true role model.




“I promised you all that I would never wear another uniform, so today we make that official.  I keep my promise to you.  The loyalty you all have instilled in me and my family, I have to keep my loyalty to you, and not play for another team, and to retire in the Green and Gold.” 

-Donald Driver 



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