5 Reasons Why - Miami Dolphins

Here are our 5 reasons why the Miami Dolphins could make to the Super Bowl!

1. Dolphins Defense
The Dolphins had the 6th rated defense in the NFL despite numerous injuries.

2. New Weapons
The Dolphins an explosive new starting backfield pairing of Reggie Bush and rookie Daniel Thomas.

3. Marshall, Bess & Gates
The Dolphins will have an impressive set of WRs this season.

4. Ready To Pounce
First round pick, Mike Pouncey, should be the cornerstone of the OL for years to come.

5. For Kicks
Kicker Dan Carpenter converted a whopping 30 FG attempts, to place him 4th best in the league.

What do you think of the Dolphin's chances of making it to the Super Bowl? Did we miss a reason they could get there? Let us know!

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