5 Reasons Why - Green Bay Packers

Here are 5 reasons why the Green Bay Packers could win to the Super Bowl two years in a row!

1. Last Year’s Super Bowl Game
Go back and watch it. These guys are GOOD, and they are ready to defend their title.

He’s the best offensive player in the NFL. ‘Nuff said?

He’s the best defensive player in the NFL. ‘Nuff said?

4. The Number 15
15, is the number of players who were on IR during last years championship run. It stands to reason if they will stay healthy they will be even better this year.

5. Under the Radar?
The defending champion has been allowed to fly under the radar thanks to all of the flashy free agent signings.

Will the Packers pull off back-to-back trips to the Super Bowl? Did we miss a reason they could get there? Let us know!

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