2014 NFL Draft - Sleepers

Tom Brady in the 6th round.  Richard Sherman in the 5th round. Shannon Sharpe in the 5th round. Bo Jackson in the 7th round.


These, and many more NFL stars of the past and present like them, were NFL Draft sleepers. Guys who no one thought were sure-fire shots to succeed in the NFL, and thus they waited a LONG time for their names to be called on Draft day.

And then, of course, they proved everyone wrong and became NFL stars.
Who might be this year's sleepers?

Logan Thomas, QB – Virginia Tech

Looking for the next Colin Kaepernick? Logan has the best combination of size, speed and arm strength of any QB prospect in the draft.


“Storm” Johnson, CB – Central Florida

Okay, we’ll admit it. We dig his name, but this college teammate of Brett Bortles can play!


Dri Archers, WR – Kent State

Dri clocked a 4.14 second 40-yard dash at the Draft Combine. Whoa! He might be the fastest player to EVER play in the NFL.  


Daniel McCullers, DT – Tennessee

Does your team need a run stuffer?  Daniel stands 6-7 and weighs 352 pounds.  ‘Nuff said?


Jordan Tripp, OLB  - Montana

Jordan is a tackling machine who set school records with 332 tackles and 10 forced fumbles.


Philip Gaines, DB - Rice

Philip has a perfect combination of size and speed to be a successful DB in the NFL.




Which of these sleepers is a future NFL star?

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