2013 NFL Draft Picks

This was a historic year for the NFL Draft. The biggest surprise was no quarterback was selected in the top 15 for the first time in the last 15 years. In last year's Draft, the top two picks were quarterbacks (the Colt’s Andrew Luck and the Redskin’s Robert Griffin III). Both had great college careers and broke NFL rookie records. This year's Draft top picks were not the high-profile quarterback, running back or wide receiver positions, but the offensive and defensive line spots. 

Dee Milliner from Alabama was selected by the New York Jets with the ninth pick. He was selected as a cornerback. I think he will have a hard year to find his spot on the team as he has big shoes to fill replacing Revis. 

LSU's Tyrann Mathieu was picked in the third round by the Arizona Cardinals. He was a beast two seasons ago at LSU as a cornerback. He will learn a lot from his teammate Patrick Peterson, another former LSU cornerback. I hope he does well and stays out of trouble, so he can be successful on the football field. I like seeing him get the pick six.


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