Steven Jackson

Steven Jackson

Atlanta Falcons
Running Back
Atlanta Falcons


NFLRUSH: What is your best Halloween costume?

Steven: My best Halloween costume was Pee-wee Herman. He was on TV at the time and really popular.

NFLRUSH: When did you start playing football?

Steven: At seven years old

NFLRUSH: What made you pick up your first football?

Steven: I had an older cousin, playing football in the area, who was really dominating. I kind of wanted to get his attention and be around him a lot.

NFLRUSH: What's on your iPod right now?

Steven: Tupac's Machiavelli

NFLRUSH: Who were your heroes growing up?

Steven: My father, Walter Payton and Joe Montana

NFLRUSH: Who is your favorite actor?

Steven: Denzel Washington

NFLRUSH: What's your favorite food?

Steven: Crawfish and shrimp

NFLRUSH: What was your first job?

Steven: I worked as a salesman at a clothing store in a Las Vegas mall.

NFLRUSH: Who is your favorite current NFL player?

Steven: Arizona Cardinals running back Edgerrin James because he goes north and south and makes guys miss. He does it all, and he has gold teeth.

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Oregon State


Las Vegas, NV

High School:



July 22nd, 1983