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PLAY 60 Tip!

Eat trail mix or nuts instead of candy and potato chips

– Greg Zuerlein, K - Los Angeles Rams

Partner Spotlight

National Dairy Council

National Dairy Council

The NFL and National Dairy Council have joined forces in creating Fuel Up to Play 60, a national in-school program mobilizing youth to combine physical activity with nutritious eating habits.

American Heart Association

American Heart Association

The NFL PLAY 60 Challenge is the NFL PLAY 60 in-school curriculum, created in partnership with the American Heart Association. The NFL PLAY 60 Challenge teaches educators and children to integrate health and fitness into daily classroom lessons.

NFL PLAY 60 News

Need some inspiration? 

Read Fuel Up to Play 60 Ambassador Maliyah’s story and how she became a Carolina Panthers fan!

NFL PLAY 60 turns 10 years old this week!  The NFL program is all about getting physical for 60 minutes day and it is a total success!

It all started on a playground in New Orleans just 10 short years ago and it has grown so much! 

Now, there are 2000 PLAY 60 events each year!

There are 250 NFL Youth Fitness Zones have been constructed around the country!

And over 16 million kids are getting at least 60 minutes of physical activity each and every day.

How should we celebrate?  Let's get out and play!

Happy Birthday, PLAY 60!

After being named a State Ambassador, I had the opportunity to attend the 2016 National Student Ambassador Summit this summer. We learned a lot of ways to incorporate physical activity into our day. We had fun breaks such as volleyball, obstacle courses, Zumba, dance parties, tag, relay races, and much more. We even got a chance to play FLAG Football with former and current NFL players. It was the best.

It's almost fall so the weather is getting cooler and it is a great time to get outside and have fun with some physical activity. Some of the things that you can do outside while having fun are:

1. Go to your school or a local park and play on the playground. Running, climbing, and swinging are great physical activities.
2. Join an organized run. Where I live, we have an annual 5k run for the local education foundation hosted by the school district. It is a ton of fun and it is for a great cause!

3. Get outside and play with your friends! Organize a sports game or play tag or hide-and-seek with some kids in your neighborhood.

4. Go for a hike and take in the beautiful fall weather. Here in Missouri, fall is a great time to get outside and hike through the woods as the leaves change color.

5. At recess play kickball or basketball. Both of these sports are really fun and involve a lot of physical activity. Use your imagination and create an outdoor play or skit with your friends!

My personal favorite- you could have a FLAG Football game with your friends! Take turns playing different positions to keep it interesting.

These are only some of the things that you can do outside to get your sixty minutes of activity. So take some of these ideas or make up your own, and get outside and have some fun this fall!

-Kid Reporter Connor, State Ambassador

Hello, my name is LaDainian and I am the 2016 Illinois State Ambassador for Fuel Up to Play 60. I was introduced to this wonderful program by my physical education teacher, who believed that I could become the next FUTP 60 State Ambassador. 

As a newly appointed Ambassador, I was given the opportunity to attend the first round-pick mini conference for the 2016 NFL Draft. 

The Draft was held at the Auditorium Theater in Downtown Chicago, hundreds if not thousands were in attendance. I was extremely excited and hyped while waiting for the new NFL rookies to be drafted to their teams. 

Immediately after the first pick, which was Jared Goff, a representative from the NFL staff came and escorted John, FUTP 60’S 2015 State Ambassador for Illinois and I to the conference room.

In the conference room, we met all of the first round picks! I was able to ask many questions and one of them was to Jalen Ramsey. I asked him who and what inspired him to play football, and his response was, "What inspired me to play football is to be the greatest. I want to be the greatest of all time. I want to be looked at as an idol, like Deion was looked at. I know God has blessed me so much, I have a great support system and family. I want to make them proud of me as well. I'm coming to Jacksonville, I'm ready!"

After leaving the conference room we went back to the Auditorium Theater and watched more draft picks. This was a long night and a once in a lifetime experience for me.

-Kid Reporter LaDainian
Poll: New Fitness Park for Indianapolis Colts!
The Colts and Riverside Park revealed the plans for a new PLAY 60 Challenge Course!

The course features a 5,000-square-foot play space, including a Play 60 course, 40-yard dash, and exercise equipment. How cool!

They broke ground on Wednesday and when it’s completed this fall, the Colts Fitness Park will be a really fun way for kids to spend time outside and be active for 60 minutes a day.

This will be the first fitness park of it's kind in the Midwest.

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Poll: NFL PLAY 60 Character Camps
Will you be joining the NFL PLAY 60 Character Camps this summer?

Over 2,000 kids in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Oakland, San Diego and Washington will be joining in on the fun!

The camp will teaching football skills and fun ways to exercise.

The schedule for this summer:

New York
June 20
Atlantic Health Jets Training Center
June 27
Walter Payton Center
July 8
Raiders Training Facility
San Diego
July 21
Madison High School
August 3
Ted Hendricks Stadium
August 12
FedEx Field
Los Angeles

The Colts celebrated the 5th annual Rookie Community Blitz youth football camp yesterday!

Colts Rookies joined over 200 local students to join together and participate in PLAY 60 activities.

The players coached local kids through a variety of NFL Play 60 drills.

The Colts players had as much fun as the kids! Colts line backer Trevor Bates explained that spending time with local kids and just having fun and goofing around is the best part.

Making touchdowns with Texans star OLB Whitney Mercilus is a blast!

Tell us one good tip you know for playing safe.

How much fun would it be to bike, swim and run with the Houston Texans???

As Brooks says: "it's beast."

Check out everyone having a blast with Toro and former Texans star safety Eric Brown.

Which is your favorite: biking, swimming, running or all 3?

5th graders from nine Houston schools got to play Nutrition Ninja Warrior Games with the Houston Texans. SO LUCKY!!!

How much milk do you drink in a day?

Check out QB Nate Sudfeld, safety Su'a Cravens, and their Redskins friends as they PLAY 60 with the kids of Washington D.C.

With Nate throwing you the ball, what pattern would you want to run???

Some of Canada’s fastest growing flag football communities will be getting a special visit.

NFL players will be heading to Canada this summer to introduce NFL PLAY 60 to the whole country!

There are a few upcoming events

1. Montreal Canada 
Thursday, June 9
EMSB Flag Football Tournament at Royal Vale School
Team that will be visiting: Indianpolis Colts

2. Regina, Saskatchewan
Saturday June 18
Regina Youth Flag Football League at University of Regina
Team that will be visiting: Chicago Bears

3. Hamilton, Ontario
Saturday, June 25
Hamilton 5 on 5 Flag Football League Playoff Weekend at Tim Hortons Field
Team that will be visiting: Atlanta Falcons

4. Vancouver, British Columbia
Thursday, July 7
Football BC Summer Fest at TBC
Team that will be visiting: Seattle Seahawks

Detroit Lions fans, players, and team mascot got together for one awesome PLAY 60 event at the Patton Recreation Center in Detroit!

Defensive end Ziggy Ansah spent time with local kids, passing the football and working on drills!

The best part is they gave a $7,500 grant to Detroit’s Parks and Rec department as part of the event. How cool!

Which player would you want to PLAY 60 with??

Check out the Houston Texans Kids Triathlon presented by Texas Children’s Hospital!

On April 23 and 24, the Houston Texans and Texas Children's Hospital hosted the 2016 Houston Texans Kid's Triathlon at NRG Stadium! 

This was the largest USATriathlon for kids in the world for the third year in a row with 3,000 participants ages 6 to 15!

Watch the video here!

NFL players Kevin White and Jeremy Langford of the Chicago Bears and Golden Tate of the Detroit Lions show off their moves and offer advice to kids as they took part in the PLAY 60 event with Miles, the Broncos mascot.

Do you think you could catch a pass from one of these NFL stars?

San Diego Chargers first pick, Joey Bosa, talks about how he prepares for games, his favorite exercises, and what he'll do after draft day.

Poll: NFL Draft Prospects PLAY 60!
Check out the NFL PLAY 60 event at Grant Park in Chicago! Local kids and NFL prospects during the week of the draft to exercise, work on football drills, throw with the pros, and have fun!

Carson Wentz starts a group huddle!

Myles Jack runs drills with the kids and gives his best tips!

Check out Laquon Treadwell showing his best dance moves!

Detroit Lions WR Golden Tate is visiting kids in New Dundee which is part of Ontario, Canada!

Local kids participated in the PLAY 60 Challenge and today there will be a celebratory event of all of their hard work. How awesome is that?!

Poll: National Nutrition Month
It’s National Nutrition Month and Fuel Up to Play 60 wants to make sure all kids kick off their day with a nutritious breakfast!

Did you know that fueling up in the morning with a well- rounded breakfast will help you focus better in class and give you the energy you need for your 60 minutes of activity?

Visit FuelUpToPlay60 to learn how you can fuel greatness every day!

The NFL PLAY 60 all ability guide is for children with mobility challenges. The NFL and Shriners Hospitals for Children teamed up to come up with new football drills and activities to PLAY 60 everyday!

If you're a Houston Texans fan or if you just love football, you're going to want to check this out...

Houston Texans Youth Football Camp
June 27 – July 1
Houston Methodist Training Center
Spots will fill up soon!

Poll: Calling All Houston Texans Fans!
Do you want to join in the fun with other fun Houston Texans fans?

Houston Texans Kids Triathlon
April 23 – 24
NRG Stadium
Open to kids ages 6 - 15

The Houston Texans and Texas Children’s Hospital, in partnership with the nonprofit organization Kids Triathlon, Inc., have partnered to bring you the 2016 Houston Texans Kids Triathlon presented by Texas Children’s Hospital.

It is expected to be the largest USATriathlon sanctioned kids triathlon in the world for the third year in a row with more than 3,000 participants ages 6 to 15. Thousands of families will gather for the interactive triathlon expo days and tons of racing fun.

The Houston Texans are proud to support this PLAY 60 initiative, helping to build a generation of healthy, active and responsible kids!


The 2016 NFL Scouting Combine was one to remember for every football fanatic from Ohio. From the hopes of finding a quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, or watching the 14 draftees from Ohio State perform at the most elite level yet. Being a native of Cleveland, Ohio, both of those reasons would’ve sufficed as to why I should’ve stayed updated on how things were going in Indianapolis. Until I got invited there myself. In the early weeks of the New Year, I was asked to speak at the NFL Combine on behalf of Fuel Up To Play 60. I spoke to Community Relation and Team Services personnel from various teams in the NFL in the Indianapolis Convention Center while the real show was going on right next door, in Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts.

Upon standing at the podium for my presentation, I had three full pages of a speech that I was determined to get through, by the end, I had used not a single sentence directly from those papers. During my presentation I spoke about why FUTP60 is such a vital partnership with their teams, what opportunities are given to both students and teams when they’re involved and how to enhance their experience with the program. I also gave a rundown of my history with the program and all the opportunities I’ve been given because of my involvement and the involvement of my hometown team, The Cleveland Browns. My lengthy monologue was accompanied nicely with a powerpoint showing the audience all that I’ve done with the program as well.

Along with this extraordinary opportunity of voicing my experiences first hand with the representatives there, I got to reunite with a familiar face I had met back at the FUTP60 Student Ambassador Summit in 2014. This person happened to be none other than, Super Bowl 50 champion, Team Captain and Safety for the Denver Broncos, David Bruton Jr. David is a cherished player representative for the program and spoke to the audience promptly following me about just that-his role and love for the program.

From the moment I walked into my hotel the night before, seeing a sea of NFL personnel in team logos from head to toe, and receiving hotel room key embossed solely for the NFL Combine, I knew this would be a special experience for a 15 year old, especially me. Just as I did in my presentation, I would like to close with praise to this program for the opportunities I’ve been given through it-especially this one, it takes the cake! (Some type of healthy cake, of course-if that exists?) Some of my favorite memories from my involvement thus far include speaking to audiences where I am undoubtedly the youngest in the room, just like this one!

Keep Fueling Up and Playing 60!

-Kid Reporter Avery

See Super Kid Marlo take the field on Super Bowl Sunday!

What would be your favorite part of being Super Kid?

Looking for a new PLAY 60 activity? Give Four Square a try.