September 2nd, 2016

Would You Rather: Cupcake Edition
The scenario...

Let's say NFL RUSH is hosting its first ever cupcake eating contest...

Would you rather have Aaron Rodgers or Antonio Brown on your team?

Both would be really awesome but you can only pick one...

1. Eating cupcakes with Aaron Rodgers? Considering he's 6'2" and 225 pounds, he can definitely take on a handful of cupcakes. He also has QB IQ so he would come up with a great strategy on how to finish!

2. How about cupcake eating with Antonio Brown? He's so fast, he can probably take on a handful in the shortest time frame. He would probably finish and then do a flip, too!

So, who will it be?

Would you rather get into a cupcake-eating contest with Antonio Brown or Aaron Rogers?

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