May 12th, 2016

Would You Rather?
The scenario...

Your fairy RUSHmother is granting you one wish but you have to choose wisely.

Would you rather participate in a scavenger hunt with Odell Beckham Jr. or an indoor treasure hunt with Drew Brees?

Both are awesome but you can only pick one. Here's the scoop:

1. You're getting a chance to spend time with OBJ! Imagine how quickly you could run with him on the scavenger hunt to gather clues! Since it's outside, you'd probably be traveling all around your hometown. You could be done so quickly, you can even throw some football passes to him!

2. A treasure hunt with Saints QB Drew Brees? Imagine all of the cool treasures and prizes you could come home with. If it's inside, there's a chance to find a lot of treasures in a smaller space. Oh, and Drew Brees might even let you try on his Super Bowl ring!

So, what will it be?!

Would you rather do a scavenger hunt with OBJ or a treasure hunt with Drew Brees?

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