Take a look at the wackiest and most bone-headed plays from the 2016 NFL season!

Which would you pick as the worst?!

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  • Minnesota Vikings

    April 24

    softballqueen23 · 2nd string

    The vikings one gets me every time

  • Green Bay Packers

    January 19

    sleepytiger · 2nd string

    CRAZY OBJ!!!!!!!

  • Baltimore Ravens

    January 18

    avi212 · 2nd string

    Boswell's kick gave us the win

  • New England Patriots

    January 17

    iu52 · veteran

    Boswell kick who is he Charlie Brown

  • New York Giants

    January 16

    crazytdmnyg12 · rookie

    cartereli you copied what he/she said

  • Pittsburgh Steelers

    January 15

    cartereli · starter

    Steelers kick bro

  • New York Giants

    January 14

    mikesmonkeys · starter


  • New York Giants

    January 14

    giantscrazycow2 · rookie

    steelers kick bro

  • Washington Redskins

    January 14

    dcnc49 · veteran

    yes! :)

  • New York Giants

    January 12

    danzy47 · draftee

    best player ever odell son

  • Kansas City Chiefs

    January 12

    redandgoldbro · starter

    Beckham hitting and getting hit back by the net.