January 28th, 2010


I can't believe that the season is almost over! At least there are a few games left. We have to wait another week for the Super Bowl, but this weekend we have the Pro Bowl for the first time in Miami! It's going to be fun to watch. So, here we go...

The Ravens had 5 players make it to the Pro Bowl this year! That is third best in the AFC behind Indianapolis and San Diego, with 7 Colts and 6 Chargers selected to the game. That begs the question that has been floating around seemingly for a while now: Was it a good idea to move the Pro Bowl from Honolulu to Miami this year? Also, was it a good idea to move the game to the week before the Super Bowl?

To the first question, I would have to say no. Many players like to go out to Hawaii because of the vacation atmosphere. However, the game has been moved to Florida for this year, so some players may have been backing out because of that. I would also have to say no to the second question as well. Although it does give me more football to watch sooner, moving the game up to before the Super Bowl makes all the players on the Super Bowl teams ineligible (and if the teams have made it that far, that's probably going to be a lot of players). I don't quite understand why all these players are dropping like flies to get out of going. Personally, I wouldn't pass up a shot at playing in the NFL all-star game.

One of the players that will be missing the Pro Bowl is Brett Favre. He is out with a hurt foot, but I don't think he's just trying to get out of the game. He took a pounding against the Saints in the NFC championship game. The real question for him is: Will he come back, will he retire, or will we go through the whole Favre-in, Favre-out scenario all over again. (Why am I thinking we will?). I am of the mind that this may be it for the gunslinger. However, even if he says he's going to retire, who will believe him?

By the way, I think the Rookie of the Year award this should go to one of the men in the trenches (that's linemen, in simpler terms). This man is not just an offensive tackle, he's a movie star. That's right! I think the award for this year should go to Michael Oher. He has quite a story. He didn't even have a permanent address until he was 16! I guess it all worked out in the end. He's doing something everyone dreams of: playing in the NFL!


Well, that's all from me for now. See you next week with my Super Bowl prediction!

Kid Reporter-KC

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