December 3rd, 2009

Thursday I had a great Thanksgiving with a pick-up football game. I was Playing 60 on turkey day! Playing 60 can happen anywhere. For example, my school is starting a group in January that is devoted to being fit, active and Playing 60.

I am hoping to help get the kids interested by talking about my PLAY 60 experiences since being the first NFL PLAY 60 Super Bowl Contest winner. I think that if everyone who reads this, talks to their principal(s) your school could do something like this. This would be very cool and it would help kids active and fit. Talk to them they will listen.

The Chargers are playing the Browns on Sunday! The Chargers have had a winning streak, and I don't think that they will break it this week! (Knock on wood!) I think that the score will be a blow out like last week. So, the score will be 33-17.

Fantasy HOT PICKS!

Peyton Manning has had 3415 total passing yards and 70.4% completion so far this season.

Chris Johnson has rushed for 1396 total yards. Also he is tied with Kenny Brit for first for the most receptions on the season, for the Titans!

Randy Moss has been at the end of Tom Brady's passes for 992 receiving yards.

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