January 28th, 2010

What a wild AFC/NFC Championship week-end! I can't wait for Super Bowl XLIV.

Let's talk MVP...although there had been talk of Peyton Manning being MVP since the beginning of the season, I think Drew Brees will be taking home the Pete Rozelle Trophy. He'll be voted Super Bowl XLIV MVP.

Even though Peyton is awesome (his stats prove that) and was named the NFL MVP 2009, the Colts started off rough in their playoff games. The Saints can take advantage of this and get on the board early. Peyton and the Colts have great comebacks but this will be too big of a job to comeback this Super Bowl. Drew Brees will have already helped put big points on the board.

Drew Brees is my MVP pick - I admire his talent. He has shown us all season his leadership, his ability to play under pressure, and his amazing love of the game. I also think he's a great role model, especially with his involvement in PLAY 60!

Who's your pick for MVP?

-Cole, Kid Reporter

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