March 18th, 2013

Who is your favorite player? Why?

My favorite player in the NFL is DeMarcus Ware. He is my favorite player because I love his style of play and his ability to play through injuries. He has had seven great years with the Cowboys and I believe there will be many more to come. In his seven years, he has totaled 111 sacks, which averages to about 16 per year (which is ALOT for any player in the NFL). He is also on my favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys, which makes me like him even more as a person.


With the injuries that he suffers, it is tough for him to play at a high level every week. Despite this, he has not missed a game in his entire career. I admire his leadership, which I try to follow before my games. I look up to him as a player so much that two years ago, I chose to wear #94 as my football jersey. Many analysts rank him as the best defensive player in the NFL, and I agree. He works very hard during the off-season to get better at what he does best--attacking the QB. 


In 2011, Ware had 19.5 sacks, 47 tackles, 2 pass deflections, and 2 forced fumbles. Ware ended the season only a half sack away from becoming the first player in NFL history to post multiple 20 sack seasons. In 2011, he also recorded his 100th sack, becoming only the 29th player to do so. That is why DeMarcus Ware is my favorite player. 



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