September 17th, 2013

Who is the King of Fantasy?

One of the top players for week 2 NFL RUSH FANTASY player for week two was AWLL!  His roster scored a whopping 155 points!


When you take a look at his roster below, y'awlll (get it?) will wish you'd made the same picks!
AWLLL's Fantasy Lineup

QB - Robert Griffin, Redskins 22 points

RB - Marshawn Lynch, Seahawks - 30 points

WR - Calvin Johnson, Lions - 23 points 

TE - Jimmy Graham, Saints - 23 points

DEF - Seattle Seahawks, 22 points

Wild Card - Aaron Rodgers, Packers - 30 points 


Use the comment field to tell us about your fantasy line-up.
Who are you picking in NFL RUSH FANTASY for week three???

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