March 25th, 2013

Who is the best QB in the Draft?

As you all know, the NFL Draft is coming up. Here are the top three quarterbacks in my opinion, in the 2013 NFL Draft:

1. Geno Smith- He has great arm strength, mobility, and star power. His accuracy is okay, but he can improve. I think he will go to the Cardinals in round one. He will be the next QB in the Draft to flourish.

2. Matt Barkley- He has great poise, mechanics and comes from a good pro-style offense. He will have to go to a team that runs a west coast offense. He needs to work on his arm strength and his accuracy. I think he might go to the Bills in the first round and fill their void at QB.

3. Landry Jones- I think Jones can be a solid QB, is capable of many things, but he has room for improvement. I think he will go to a team where he can be a backup for a while and then come in and start. If he can do this, he might be able to be a serviceable QB one day. 


Matthew H

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