February 26th, 2016

Who is Faster?

The scenario: It's the Combine and the 60-yard shuttle and 40-yard dash are the next drills.

Who would be faster?

Brandin Cooks

New Orleans Saints WR Brandin Cooks is fast. During the 2014 NFL Combine, he set a new record for the 60-yard shuttle at 10.72 seconds making it the fastest time ever in combine history. He is also a top performer in the NFL Combine for the 20-yard shuttle and 40-yard dash.


Listed as one of the top 10 fastest animals in the world, the gazelle is sometimes able to out run a cheetah. Some gazelles are able to run at bursts up to 60 MPH. To keep a consistent pace, they usually move at around 30 MPH.

Who is faster?

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