February 1st, 2013

Who Do You Think Will Win The Super Bowl?

I think the Ravens will end up winning the Super Bowl. They have amazing coaching and defense. They have a good offense but they aren't always consistent on that side of the ball.

On defense they have tremendous players such as Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs, Courtney Upshaw, and Ed Reed. Courtney Upshaw is a rookie and had a big game versus the Packers by tipping two of Aaron Rogers' passes and one ending up as an interception by Terrell Suggs off the tip. Ray Lewis has also been amazing during the playoffs. He has been motivating the defense to do well and it seems to be working. Same with Terrell Suggs -- these two linebackers are scary to go head up with. They are both play smart and know what to do when they touch the field.

With their amazing defense I think they will stop Frank Gore and Colin Kaepernick's running game. I also think they could stop the passing game especially with Ed Reed over top helping out.


In conclusion, I can't wait to see a good Super Bowl. These are two good teams that have really good players. I think it will be a close game at the end, but I hope the Ravens end up winning.


NFLRUSH Kid Reporter



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