November 6th, 2011

Which Team Is Going To The Playoffs?

Who Will Make it to the Playoffs?


The team with a winning record that might not make it to the playoffs is the Buffalo Bills. The bills are doing well this season. They are doing their job and trying to get to the playoffs. The reason I think the Bills won’t make it is because you don't know when the Bills are going to win a game. Their winning is not consistent. They beat the Eagles, but lost to the Bengals.


The Bills record is 5 and 2 and they have the best record in the AFC East. The Bills also have talented people on their team such as: Ryan Fitzpatrick, C.J Spiller Naaman Roosevelt, Fred Jackson, and Shawne Merriman. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a calm quarterback and has great vision on the field. C.J Spiller is a great running back just like he was at Clemson. He has good vision also and when he finds an open seam you probably won't be able to catch him.


Coach Chan Gailey has been doing a great job keeping the Bills on top in their conference. Usually the Bills are not on the top of their conference, but are at the bottom of the NFL standings. This is the team that I chose that is good, but might not make the playoffs because you can't tell when the Bills have their good days and their bad days.


Peyton Ringer,

NFL Rush Kids Reporter 

Who will win AFC East?

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