May 10th, 2012

San Francisco Scores at Draft

The team that did well in the Draft is the San Francisco 49ers. They got one of the top scouts in the Draft, LaMichael James from the Oregon Ducks. He was one of the fastest running backs in college. He has quick feet and break away speed. If you let him get a couple of feet in front of you most likely you won't catch him.

The 49ers already have lethal weapons and they are adding another one to the team. LaMichael James might have to rely on his speed to get past defenders. They also drafted Trenton Robinson, a free safety that is really good. He is going to be a huge influence on their defensive success.

In conclusion, I think the 49ers did well in the Draft because their Draft picks will have new talent on both sides of the ball.

NFLRush Kid Reporter

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