October 2nd, 2012

Which Rookie Has the Most Potential?

The rookie I think has the most potential this season is Robert Griffin III. He is just amazing to be a rookie. He is definitely a leader on the team. When he was in college I knew he was going do big things when he got to the NFL.

RGIII has four touchdowns, 747 passing yards, 209 rushing yards and is rated at 103.5 right now. The way carries his team is good to be a rookie and so are his stats. He doesn't seem to panic when the pocket starts to collapse because he can get out of it in a hurry. In the 40-yard dash he runs a 4.38 and that means he can flat out run!

In conclusion, this is the reason why I chose RGIII as the rookie that has the most potential. I hope to see RGIII do well this season and rise above all.


NFLRUSH Kid Reporter


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