The "Total Access" crew discuss which team would be the best landing spot for free agent wide receiver DeSean Jackson: The Eagles, Buccaneers or Redskins?

Pick one and tell us why.

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  • Oakland Raiders

    April 28

    muuuuuuuuuuuuuuu · starter

    eagles back home baby

  • Philadelphia Eagles

    April 23

    keeganike5 · 2nd string


  • Green Bay Packers

    March 6

    sleepytiger · 2nd string


  • Philadelphia Eagles

    March 3

    kevinmax711 · 2nd string

    Back to the Eagles!

  • New York Giants

    March 2

    bleachercreature · veteran


  • Atlanta Falcons

    March 2

    grizzyfalcon23 · starter


  • Philadelphia Eagles

    February 28

    eaglesfandan · rookie

    back to the eagles

  • Oakland Raiders

    February 27

    yuckybut · free agent

    back to the Eagles

  • New Orleans Saints

    February 27

    saintsconquer · veteran

    Return to the Eagles!

  • Dallas Cowboys

    February 27

    kman11217 · rookie

    i think he sould be on the redskins

  • Washington Redskins

    February 27

    dcnc49 · veteran