April 9th, 2012

Play 60 in the Summer

The weather has been terrific the past couple of weeks and my favorite season, Summer is coming around. The sport that I am looking forward to is baseball. I state this because baseball is a sport played during warm weather and it also is the sport I'm playing right now. In baseball I play shortstop and play for a travel team called the Georgia Grays. Friday April13th I am traveling to Greensboro, North Carolina for a baseball tournament.

Baseball is a fun sport to play and watch. Many people say it is boring to watch because there is no action like football. Baseball might not have as much action as football, but baseball is a thinking man's sport. That means baseball is game of logic thinking. For example, you have to know when to hit a pop-fly to drive the run home and you also have to know when to bunt.


In conclusion, baseball is a very fun sport in my opinion. Baseball is a sport that keeps you active and fit and if you need a thinking game baseball is the sport.

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